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Feb 28th, 2014

Evolution of Decoration

Back then, the decoration of your flat or house was a tough process of balancing colors without making it look too messyi ... (read more).

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Wandering the great halls of Kazordoon I find a room filled with peculiar crystals. The dwarf guarding the area, Xelvar, explains that the crystals are the key to a teleportation device built by Gnomes. The Gnomes are a magnificent race, for they have great mechanics, a spirit for war and combat and an excellent taste for mushrooms! [...]

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Stay Tuned for More Great Contests!

Stay tuned for more great TibiaNews contests being held throughout the year, as we prepare for and celebrate our tenth anniversary starting in April!


Everybody has a story!

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Craban Interview (TibiaBR)

Everyone has a story and we at TibiaNews, your trusted Tibian newspaper, want to hear what you have to say! This time, we ask everyone to check out a lovely article on TibiaHispano, featuring Craban, Tibia's Lead Project Manager!

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Editor Has Tendency For Starting Great Ideas ... Then Ruining Them

THAIS - Staff members at TibiaNews complained to CipSoft fan site coordinator Rejana this past weekend stating that Thuddy, editor for the past few years, has an amazing gift for discovering great ideas and then running them into the ground with terrible modifications. [...]
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Read all Tibian Vogue advice, here!

Our first "What Not to Wear" section has been updated and ready to be viewed - check out our new catwalk on Tibian Vogue!

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Once the new forum is up, do you think we should...

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... Cake, anyone?

On February 21, the world quest A piece of cake will start once again. Will you forget all about your diet and stuff your belly with cake this year? Be sure to vote on Tibia's latest official poll, here!


3 Days Left: Customer Survey

Only three more days left to fill out the Customer Survey 2014! Please help us improve our service by filling in the feedback form "Customer Survey 2014", which you can find in the the community section. By submitting your feedback you have a chance to win premium time and an arcane insignia!


Content Fixes and Changes

With today's server save, a few content fixes and changes were implemented.

  • We addressed an issue with NPC Chartan. It is now possible again to finish his tasks.
  • NPC Ashari now reacts correctly to all keywords.
  • Furthermore, we addressed an issue with the use of nebuliser in the Ancient Dreams quest. The nebuliser now works as intended.
  • If you change the light settings in the stand-alone client, creature names and health bar are no longer affected.
  • The use of hotkeys while walking in the Tibia Flash client does not affect the speed of your character anymore.
  • We also addressed an issue with the Tibia Migration Tool in Google Chrome. It should now be possible to use it with this browser without any problems.
  • Last but not least, some typos and map issues have been fixed as well.

Together with the content fixes and changes, a new client version will be available. The patch will download automatically when you log into the game. You can also download the new stand-alone client version 10.35 from our download section.

Have fun!


TibiaBR Valentine's Day Contest

Love is in the air! TibiaBR.com is currently holding a valentine's contest. Read all details about it in Portuguese, on TibiaBR.com!


Who would you like for us to interview?

TibiaNews has interviewed many people and players in the past, but as we enter our 10th year, we want to make this special and make it truly the year of our reader. Who do you believe would be by far the most interesting person to interview? We will be considering your requests and will do everything possible to fulfill as many requests as possible. Vote on it now, here!


New Deputy Editor

With the struggles that TibiaNews has had in the past of activity going on and off, we are welcoming back Soleks to not only the TibiaNews staff, but the the deputy editor team. With Soleks' knowledge of the community, and his passion to help TibiaNews succeed, we know that he will once again make a great match. We have many great things coming ahead, everyone, so stay tuned! Welcome, Soleks!


Craban Interview

PortalTibia.com.br has just published an interview with Craban, Tibia's product manager. Interested in what he said? Head on over to PortalTibia.com.br, the interview is available in English and Portuguese!

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