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Tibia's Most Wanted: #5

Most Wanted #5: Gamemasters

Reward: a teddy bear, a banishment from game, and a gamemaster doll
ISLE OF SOLITUDE — Gamemasters are the biggest and most exotic phenomenon of all time. These creatures are able to travel and teleport to any temple of their choice including several other locations. During the past year, several botters and macroers have been in search of these magical creatures. "I DEMAND MY PREMMY DAYS BACK!" said one botter in a recent protest outside the CipSoft GmbH Headquarters after having been lifted a 30 day with final warning punishment. These creatures are considered to be armed with a ban staff as well with some kicking boots, do not underestimate them. Some of them have proved to be extremely witty and others have never been seen. Should they be found, they will be charged by CipSoft with treason, armed robbery of premium days, and aggravated assault with kicking boots. They were last seen on August 23, 2010.

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