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Testers Dragged In Game!

Update: Delany, Bolfrim and Siramal have been dragged into the game today. Meet them in Thais!

screenshot testers

Help the testers to find some bugs. But make sure to use the right tools.
Our names are Delany, Bolfrim and Siramal and we are software testers.
No matter what new area or NPC is implemented in a test server, you always meet the majority of players at Thais crossroads. Rumour has it that this is also the place where a tester summons a monster or two from time to time. Whenever the test servers are going to be closed, we pass the time with a quick game of Chess, Checkers or Nine Men's Morris, and wait for some nice players to come by. And if nobody wants to play with us we are wandering the Thais Exhibition, even on weekdays... Hehe.



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