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Let's Celebrate! (Updated with Craban)

Update: From today on, Craban is spawning. Listen to his story:



Fight Craban, but be prepared for a tough battle!
My name is Craban, and I am the lead product manager for Tibia.
I chose this spot because it is the location of my probably greatest PvP skill achievement. Years ago, when you still had to aim runes manually on the screen, 2 friends and I were chasing someone through Edron who had killed another friend of ours. The guy was a mage a few levels higher than myself. During the chase, my friends fell behind and suddenly, I saw myself facing this guy alone, right here at this spot. He tried to summon fire elementals which I shot down immediately. Then the SD battle began with lots of „puffs“ for bad aiming. I think he gave up during the fight because he seemed to have mailed his stuff to his depot before he died, but still, when I returned to meet my friends on Edron bridge, I was proud to be able to say: "Guys, I did him!"



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