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Let's Celebrate! (Updated with CMs)

Finally, the festivites for Tibia's 15th anniversary have started. Are you ready for some fun events to celebrate this milestone? Then check our featured article which will be updated 15 times within the next weeks.

Update: The community managers have been dragged into the game. Check out what they have to tell you:


Prepare of a fun raid with Mirade, Rejana, Tjured, and lots of trolls. Do not forget to bring some healing equipment with you!
We are the community managers Mirade, Rejana and Tjured, and probably most of you have already meet us on our official forum and know us. But what are we doing there, so close to the Incredibly Old Witch? Witch? Well, Mirade and Rejana okay...but Tjured is not female and none of us is old. So, why have we chosen this place and not another one? Of course, everyone of us has a favourite place in Tibia, but since we work as team, we had to find a place that works for us three. Therefore we chose a place that is easy to access by everyone and with enough space. You might ask yourself now: For what do community managers need space? Well, even forum space is not unlimited and since it is a fact that not only constructive and reasonable posts are made, but also some trolls are getting lost on the forum from time to time, we decided to outsource some trolls and therefore, we were in need of enough room to provide shelter for an army of trolls. That is the story of our location choice...
… or maybe we just took our marshmallow blaster and shot on the Tibia map with closed eyes...

Curious? Stay tuned!



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